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Affordable perforator VORTEX P-850K [72/3/10] consumes 850 W of power. This is a single-speed version, the number of revolutions of which is 1100 per minute. There is a drilling function, which expands the functionality of the tool. Drilling with impact and impact without drilling are also available. The maximum energy of the latter is 3.2 J. The impact frequency is 5200 per minute. The tool comes with one SDS-plus chuck.

When using the VORTEX P-850K [72/3/10] perforator with steel, the maximum hole diameter can be 13 mm. If we are talking about a tree, then - 40 mm. The model in question is powered from a household network. There is a reverse option, which is useful if the drill gets stuck in the material. There is an additional handle that increases the comfort of use. There is a drilling depth limiter. Comes with a hard case.

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